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Reclaim Wellness Kinesiology - Erina-Medical - Doctors - Central Coast NSW Australia

What We Do:

Medical - Doctors

Reclaim Wellness Kinesiology

Reclaim Wellness Kinesiology

4/166a Central Coast Hwy Erina Central Coast 2250

0412 335 720

Kinesiology can bring you clarity and resolution of:

PHYSICAL ISSUES- aches & pain, arthritis, IBS, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, allergies, headaches, skin disorders, migraine, menopause, gynaecological problems

EMOTIONAL ISSUES- stress, grief, anger, fear, frustration, lack of motivation, worry, overthinking, anxiety, depression, loss of joy, loneliness, sadness

BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES- sleep difficulties, addictions (smoking, alcohol, food, drugs), eating disorders, OCD, unwanted habits, shyness, indecision

Muscle monitoring (Kinesiology) accesses the innate knowledge of the mind, body and spirit to find and clear held stress. These held stressors are the underlying cause of your current symptoms.

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