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Gem Candles

Gem Candles - More than just a candle. Gem Candles are an ~EXPERIENCE~

P.O. BOX 4598 LAKE HAVEN Central Coast 2263

0429 816 344

The candle that gives more than light. 3 senses in one, sight, smell and touch with a flickering wick, gorgeous jewellery, soft aromas and sensual massage!

Gem Candles are the ultimate form of giving.

When you first light one of our candles you will enjoy the aroma of the scent that you chose, slowly filling the room giving you a feeling of serenity.

After a few minutes, as the specially formulated wax begins to melt and pool, you will see a small parcel appear in the molten wax, giving you a wonderful surprise.

In each candle you will find a beautiful piece of jewellery with a precious or semi precious gem that will bring a sparkle to your eyes. Jewellery items are valued between $10 and $5000 giving you something to enjoy way after the pleasures of your candle ends.

As the candle burns and the excitement from the aroma and your special gift leaves you thinking the fun is over, you will remember, the fun has just begun!

Gem Candles are also a sensual massage candle. Enjoy your
candle and all the giving it gives as you blow out the flame, taking another deep breath and enjoying the aroma, pouring the massage wax slowly into the palm of your hand and applying it to your lovers body. Giving a soft, slow, sensual massage that both you and your loved one can enjoy, giving and receiving!

Gem Candles make an excellent gift too! So why not buy one for yourself and one for a friend. We are sure your friends will love our Gem Candles as well. Also the lovely candle tins and organza bag packaging can be used for other purposes long after your
candle has gone.

We hope you enjoy how much pleasure you will get from Gem Candles, and continue sharing by spreading the word for everyone else to ensure our candles \\\\\\\"keep on giving\\\\\\\".

Interesting Facts
Gem Candles ‘burn at 2°C higher than body temperature’.

They can be poured directly onto the body for a sensual massage.

Great as a body moisturizing lotion, or use unscented lightly smeared on dry lips.

Gem Candles are a ‘gift for all occasions’.
Birthdays. Valentines Day. Wedding Favours. Christmas.
Anniversaries. Business Promotional Aids. Fundraising.

Gem Candles can be personalized - Send a photo or let us design something special for your special occasion.

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